Writing Tips

Scott Turow’s Advice on Novel Writing

Scott Turow, a novelist with whom I had a (very) brief correspondence after we were both published in The Mammoth Book of Legal Thrillers, has been interviewed by Galleycat.  If you don’t know his work, he’s the author who probably did the most to define the modern legal thriller genre.

His advice for wannabe writers is:  “Persistence is critical.”  And since he spent seven years working on his breakout novel Presumed Innocent in his spare time (while employed as an attorney), he knows of where he speaks.

“The people who succeed in the arts are the people who get up after being knocked down,” he adds.  And he backs up that statement by admitting he wrote a few unpublished novels before getting his fiction into print.

He also talks about his background with Wally Stegner and his current work.  But watch the video for yourself, it’s only a few minutes long:

If you like mystery novels or impeccably crafted prose, I do recommend Presumed Innocent.  And for fans of legal thrillers, it is a must-read.


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